Nadine Compton

Nadine is a Filipina-Canadian from Saudi Arabia who is a very active member of Sugarbush Christian Church in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. She attends nearly every Bible Study, potluck, and Dinner Church event (and may have led one herself). She was also instrumental in putting together an interfaith study with the local mosque. Nadine chooses to address social injustice by improving the social media presence and strategies of nonprofit organizations.

Nadine's Blog Posts

NBA at GA: “I Feel Right at Home”

Until I joined the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) last year, I had never met a Disciple, and until I attended the 2017 General Assembly, I hadn’t met another Disciple beyond my home congregation. General Assembly was a way for me to gain perspective on who was a part of my new community. I knew there would be people at the Convention Center who didn’t go to open and affirming churches like mine, so I was unsure of how to engage with those who shared my faith, but approached it differently. How would I fit in, and if I didn’t, what would that mean for my internship and upcoming year in NBA XPLOR? Read more >>

Creative and Artistic Resistance

I recently completed Anti-Racism Pro-Reconciliation training as part of my marketing and development internship with the NBA. Like other XPLOR Residents, I had already gone through this experience during orientation, so I believed that I knew what to expect. But this time there was an aspect of the training that was new for me. Read more >>

Do You See Them?

As I was struggling to put together words to say to you all, I found inspiration, and despair, in the social media posts I see every day as part of my internship. As I was scrolling through Twitter, I came across so many news articles about women coming forward with experiences of rape and sexual assault, often involving men in politics, or the entertainment industry. The thing connecting all of these men, whether they are straight, gay, Democrat, or Republican, is their power. Their gender, and their positions in society, have all given them immense power, and they chose to wield it over women's’ bodies. I knew at that moment, as so many emotions boiled up from my stomach, to my throat, to my eyes, that I had to respond to these stories. Read more >>