Nathan Berry

Nathan’s home church is Galileo Christian Church in Mansfield, TX, where she served a term as the Co-President of the Missional Logistics Team. Nathan graduated in May with a degree in music composition with honors from Texas Christian University, and is an accomplished cellist and composer, having won an award for her film-scoring work, collaborated with musicians across the country, and performed at the Gay Christian Network Conference, the OPEN Conference, and the Wild Goose Festival. She is passionate about intersectional justice, and her journey in coming to identify as genderqueer has been an invaluable learning experience. In her spare time, Nathan loves being with friends, discussing her favorite TV shows, and enjoying margaritas.

Nathan's Blog Posts

On Communal Living

One of the cornerstones of the NBA XPLOR Residency that has come to be my favorite is the practice of intentional communal living. However, when I was applying to the program the thing I was most apprehensive about was living with roommates. The only prior time I had lived with other people, who were not my family, was my freshman year at TCU, and it was such a bad experience I chose to live by myself for the remaining three years of college. Having several friends who have had or are currently having tense relationships with their roommates, I was worried that this too would be the case for me. This was compounded by being unsure of how the people I would be living with would react to my gender identity. Read more >>