Nathaniel Nelson

Nathaniel is a writer, artist, and activist from Los Angeles, CA. He studied Creative Writing and Dance at Hope College in Michigan, where he weathered the cold by keeping active in student organizations and spending time with quality humans. At Hope College, he helped develop safe-space training curriculum for faculty and staff who were seeking to be better allies for the LGBT community. He and two classmates launched the “95 Stories Project” to address racism and homophobia on campus. Prior to college, he worked with Breath of Heaven Children’s Village in Zambia, a program that cares for AIDS orphans. After college, he interned for three months as at Koinonia Farm in Americus, GA. As an aspiring community organizer and contemplative, in XPLOR, Nathaniel is excited to practice living intentionally and engaging in professional development. He hopes to experience “beloved community.” His home church is Mosaic, a multi-site church in L.A., which has more than 50 nationalities in attendance. He enjoys skiing and listening to global pop music.

Nathaniel's Stories

River-city Reflections: Thoughts on the Role of the Church

We are near to closing the pages on 2018, the rush of the holiday season punctuated by moments of piercing joy and warm thanksgiving, and inevitably my mind turns to New Years resolutions, holiday imaginings, and long-term plans.  I’m also thinking about the role of church in building heaven on earth, and the role it has in my own life.  I want to take some space to reflect on my complicated relationship with church and offer a picture of how I’m navigating it in this XPLOR program. Read more>>