Rachel Bechtol

Rachel is a California native and First Nation-Pomo, who grew up migrating around congregations before eventually settling down to help start Heartbeat Organic Church, in the Sacramento area, which recently affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). During their downtime, Rachel likes to write stories, play video games, sing, or hit the gym. They work full-time but are also slowly working their way through a few different degree programs. Their biggest dream is to one day write an original story that gains a cult following online and is then adapted to screen by either Netflix or Hulu. Rachel eats a paleo diet as much as possible. NBA XPLOR attracted them because it is an empowering opportunity to be God’s hand and feet. Rachel says that they are intense, passionate, and ready to rant about injustices at a moment’s notice.

Rachel's Stories

New Family 

Communal living was a bit of an adjustment at first, particularly because of how solitary I’d been before taking part in XPLOR. In the very beginning, even after three days in the car together, I was still more accustomed to long stretches of time where I was completely alone. Even one meal with another person a week was a lot, and now we have dinner together almost every night. Read more>>