Sarah Page Jones

I am beyond excited to be able to work together with a home church, to be able to teach each other new things and bring new ideas to the table. I will be working with Braking Traffik, making sure the public and legislature are educated on human trafficking.

From: Fairview Christian Church; Lynchburg, VA
XPLOR Site: Quad Cities, IL/IA
Internship: Braking Traffik

Sarah's Blogs

Witnessing a Political Revolution

Living in Iowa as part of NBA XPLOR during an election year has been a real treat for me. With the candidates in town all the time, the election seems to be more of a topic of conversation than in my hometown. Being able to talk with church members about why they feel certain candidates fit with their morals and beliefs. Truly beginning to understand why people lean towards one candidate or another. Listening and understanding how we may differ in political opinions and why we can all still be Christians and worship together. Read more >>

A Bittersweet End

In a couple weeks, I will have to begin to say good-bye to a place I have called home for the last 10 months. Saying good-bye to my house will be easy, but saying good-bye to my support system, my family that I have built here, will not be easy. The people here have been such a blessing on my life and have taught me so much. Read more >>

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