Savanna Phillips

Savanna is a lifetime member of the Disciples denomination and a founding member of her home church, New Disciples of Cedar Rapids, IA. She has worked with the youth in her congregation and assists with teaching during her church’s Wednesday night kids program. She was an avid volleyball player in high school as well and is an extremely talented clarinet player. She enjoys cooking, writing, reading, and playing with her dogs. Savanna is reserved when you first meet her but quickly warms to new people and will be your most dedicated friend.

Savanna's Blog Posts

Housemates: Family in Disguise

January 24, 2015 was the first time that the pastor of my home congregation approached me with information about the NBA XPLOR Residency. (I only know the exact date because I still have the conversation on Facebook Messenger!) I was 20 years old at the time, was majoring in business, and was 99.9% certain that I was about to get promoted to Assistant Manager at my job within the next couple of months. However, my pastor seemed really excited about XPLOR so I decided to humor her and went ahead and requested for more information… just so that when I told her I decided against it, she would think that I had actually considered the Residency instead of just immediately dismissing it. When Bonnie, the Director of NBA XPLOR, called to tell me more about the program, I listened with half an ear, because really, I didn't care all that much at the time. When she had finished, I told her that I was grateful to her for telling me about it, but that I'd like to finish school before I considered doing anything like this internship, but that I would keep it in mind for once I had my degree. Read more >>


Privilege is a vast ocean,

I cannot understand.

It is changing tides

Pulling me out to sea,

I can't keep afloat-

It crashes and pulls me down.

It is salt burning my eyes,

Water filling my ears.