Shameka Ferrell

In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing poetry, singing, being outdoors, spending time with my family and so much more. I always strive to be active and healthy while maintaining a good connection with my family. I am such a nerd about technical theatre, especially lighting. I would love to create a theatre program that teaches youth from the community about theatre lights and lighting technicians. Since I first got involved with theatre, my passion and love for lights has blossomed.

One thing that excites me about participating in NBA XPLOR is that I will be experiencing a new culture and a new environment. I am getting the chance to experience and learn more about simple living in the community and spiritual discernment. I also get to strengthen my leadership skills and community service development while volunteering with a service site. This Residency encompasses so many aspects of life that I try to incorporate in my everyday living. Of the four cornerstones of XPLOR, I’m especially interested in the corner stone of spiritual discernment on vocation because I have always wanted to know the purpose for which my soul was made and I can do this through spiritual disciplines. I can discern this purpose with God and with the help and guidance of this program.

I am very nervous about being so far away from my family. I also have to start over in a new environment, try to make new friendships and relationships while settling in and becoming comfortable within my new surroundings. I am excited to meet new people and have new experiences. One of my goals in the XPLOR Residency is to be open to new ideas and to maintain a positive attitude and outlook for the entirety of the program. I will make a conscious effort to step outside of my comfort zone to be more social, inviting and welcoming new experiences and people into my life.

Shameka's Blog Posts

Hopelessness and Hope

"I attended the 2015 Ecumenical Advocacy Days (EAD) in D.C. for the first time; there were many emotions and thoughts that hit me all at once. Throughout the sessions and speakers, so many feelings hit me in waves, but one feeling that really stood out to me was hopelessness." Read more >>

2014-15 NBA XPLOR Resident Shameka Ferrell