Tia-Lynn Rounsoville

Tia-Lynn is a junior at Missouri State University and is double majoring in communication and psychology, but is taking a break to be part of NBA XPLOR. Tia doesn’t have an official church home but found their church family and XPLOR freshmen year during a free Starbucks event sponsored by a friendly ecumenical campus ministry by the name of Ekklesia. Tia has a passion for serving the community; finding and reciting random facts from Google; singing; discussing spirituality, faith, and other deep topics; and making food for people at God-awful times of the night. Their employment thus far and volunteer experiences have all been for nonprofits and community-based organizations. They hope to one day be a program director and create opportunities for young adults. When they are not residing at school in Springfield, MO, Tia lives with their mother and six-year-old daughter in St. Louis.

Tia-Lynn's Blogs

Displacement Disrupts Peace

International Day of Peace, a United Nations initiative, is celebrated across the globe on September 21. This year, Campaign Nonviolence (a program of Pace e Bene) connected it to a global week of action to rally for peace and nonviolence. The Oakland Peace Center partnered with both by hosting a “Displacement Disrupts Peace” event, focusing on the way that our communities preserve peace by showcasing their culture, artistic skills, and other gifts of the community even while in the midst of turmoil. This culture that makes our community great is being pushed out due to gentrification, and that destabilizes so many communities. So, we showcased those talents as part of our active contribution to disrupting displacement. Read more >>