Tim Campbell

Tim is a strongly committed Canadian Disciple, the first Canadian in NBA XPLOR, and part of a dynamic new church start, Sugarbush Christian Church in Guelph, Ontario. Tim has extensive experience in theater, creative writing, First Aid-CPR training, and character voices. Tim recently served as an adult sponsor of the General Youth Council. Tim has been working as a customer representative/digital ambassador for Scotiabank over the past year and believes that life needs some “shaking up from complacency.” Tim is excited about the new challenges and opportunities of living in the USA and in the community of NBA XPLOR.

  • From: Sugarbush Christian Church; Guelph, Ontario, Canada
  • XPLOR House: North Hollywood, CA
  • Community Engagement Site: AIDS Project Los Angeles
  • Host Congregation: First Christian Church, North Hollywood

Tim's Blogs

Displaced from Comfort

What does it mean to be a displaced human being? Webster’s Dictionary defines displace as “to remove from the usual or proper place,” which I find both fascinating and nervously close to my heart. I am a displaced Canadian in a foreign world. Read more >>