Tristan Cole

Tristan's home church is First Christian Church in Rogers, Arkansas, where he is an active long-time member. He has worked with the youth group for more than two years, counseled a regional church camps, and was a member of CROSS Training before graduating high school. CROSS Training is the award-winning youth ministry at FCC for those in grades 7-12. Tristan graduated from University of Arkansas in 2018 with a degree in chemical engineering. He has been on numerous mission trips with his church and participated in several community service projects with his engineering honor society. He has worked for five years at Home Depot, during and after college. He hopes to become either a process engineer or professor. He loves art, writing novels, and chemistry. He sees XPLOR as a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person and grow his faith through fellowship and outreach. He hopes to help others grow in their faith as well.

  • From: First Christian Church, Rogers, Arkansas
  • XPLOR House: Spokane, WA
  • Community Engagement Site: Transitions
  • Host Congregation: North Hill Christian Church

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Tristan Cole