Peer Group Convener

C. Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer is a Peer Learning & Wellness Group Convener for the NBA where he leads the Executive Leaders Peer Group. He served as the CEO of Woodhaven in Columbia, Missouri, for more than 20 years and retired in 2020. Woodhaven serves individuals with developmental disabilities and their families and is an NBA health and social service partner. Mark graduated from Iowa State University and has attended numerous national professional trainings to advance his skill set in serving individuals with disabilities.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys running, traveling, and attending St. Louis Cardinals baseball games. Mark is a third-generation member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and is active in Central Christian Church in Fulton, Missouri. Mark is married to Deb and they have a 10-year-old Shi-Tzu named Gracie.

Getting to know Mark

Why do you feel “called to care” about Disciples health and social service ministry?

I am one of those fortunate individuals that knew from an early age that I wanted to serve people with disabilities. During my youth, I had the opportunity to volunteer and participate in activities to serve individuals with barriers. I have been blessed to professionally serve individuals with disabilities for over 30 years, it’s my calling.

Who is a hero of yours, and why?

All four of my grandparents, they gave me a sense of family and its importance. I see a little of each of them in my behavior, my way of thinking, my compassion, my faith in God, and my personal and professional values.

If I tried to find you in a supermarket, what aisle would you be in?

The cheese section. Everything’s better with cheese!!!