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Collaborating with Health & Social Service Organizations

The National Benevolent Association (NBA) collaborates with leaders and health and social service organizations to strengthen and transform communities through compassion, healing, and justice. We provide education, companionship, inspiration, and resources for organizational and leadership development for health and social service ministries.

As a general ministry of the Disciples Church, we seek to nurture justice and equity in all our work and partnerships. To expand access to our programs and resources, we collaborate with and support ministries in other languages. Below, please find educational resources, stories, news, and events that have been translated into the Spanish language.

Spanish Language Stories & News

Singleness, COVID-19 and Sheltering in Place

Sheltering in place with family and roommates certainly has its challenges, but so does being single and living alone during this time writes Rev. Dr. Christina Hicks.

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Healing in the Time of COVID-19: How to Feel Your Way Through

"Our feelings are not there to be cast out or conquered. They're there to be engaged and expressed with imagination and intelligence." — T.K. Coleman Therapist Becca Moravec teaches us how.

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Talking to Children During A Pandemic: Empathy, Connection and Tolerating Uncertainty Teaches Resilience

It can be difficult to know how much to share with children about the novel Coronavirus, Raiza Spratt shares resources that she's been using to explain COVID-19 to her children.

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3 Mitos Acerca del Suicidio y Como la Iglesia Puede Abordarlos

Hay varios mitos acerca del suicidio que, en un momento de mi vida, yo creía.

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Vaqueros y Piratas y Puentes

En un esfuerzo por conectarse con las comunidades de habla hispana, El Rev. Héctor J. Hernández, Coordinador de Enlaces en la Asociación Nacional de Benevolencia comparte su lucha con la salud mental.

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Learn and Grow with NBA Resources

Webinar: Cuidado Pastoral y Espiritual durante Desastres

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Webinar: Salvemos Vidas, Juntos Vamos a Prevenir el Suicidio

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¿Cómo hacer frente durante momentos de Crisis o Trauma?

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Webinar: Fe, Comunidad y Salud Mental

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