Peer Learning & Wellness Groups


Connecting and Resourcing Disciples Health & Social Service Ministries

NBA calls together Peer Learning & Wellness Groups around common areas of ministry or professional roles. The Groups provide an opportunity for Disciples to engage in peer support and encouragement, mutual dialogue, spiritual renewal, and peer-to-peer learning.

“The peer group model is an effective way to help practitioners hone their craft and find much-needed support in the company of colleagues,” says Rev. Rebecca L. Hale, NBA Executive Vice President. “Disciples health and social service ministries benefit when we are connected in a strong network of care.” NBA also hopes, as appropriate, to hear the experiences and challenges of Disciples-related health and social service ministries in a way that allows us to deepen our effectiveness in supporting this work across the life of the church. “In each of our peer group meetings, we declare ‘you are not alone,’ creating a brave space for proclaiming our joys and challenges,” says Rev. Héctor J. Hernández Marcial, NBA Director of Community Engagement.


Our Collaborative Vision for Learning & Wellness

The vision of NBA Peer Learning & Wellness Groups is to provide an opportunity for likeminded individuals to cultivate community focused on:

  1. Education: Peer-to-peer learning, sharing experience and expertise on leadership/ministry related issues, and sharing resources.
  2. Inspiration: Spiritual renewal, self-care, peer support/encouragement.
  3. Justice: Each cohort gives particular attention to the current issues affecting their communities, work and/or ministries and identify collective strategies aimed at addressing the root causes of injustice.
  4. Well-being: Cohorts explore and experience together throughout their journey, rest, play, and renew during the virtual meetings and in-person gatherings in an effort to achieve a better balance in their lives.

Apply for a Peer Learning & Wellness Group

Below are the opportunities open for those interested in joining an NBA Peer Learning & Wellness Group. If you don’t see an opportunity that’s a fit currently, sign up for our newsletter or check back regularly for future opportunities.

Young Adults in Social Services Peer Learning & Wellness Group

The Young Adults in Social Services Peer Learning & Wellness Group (PLWG) is a two-year hybrid group for young adults involved in social service ministries. Together, the members of this group will create a community of support and development by focusing on identity, vocation and discernment, leadership, and transformation of our communities. The group will meet virtually each month, and have an opportunity to meet in person three times.

Applications open Wednesday, July 19, and close Friday, September 22. Final decisions will be made in October.

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Meet the Peer Learning & Wellness Groups Team

Rev. Héctor J. Hernández Marcial


Rev. Tiffany Curtis


C. Mark Palmer


Rev. Bere Gil Soto


Peer Learning & Wellness Stories

NBA Welcomes the first Full-Time Senior Justice Coordinator with Plans to Expand Social Justice Work

We are excited to announce the newest member of our staff and the justice work they'll be involved in.

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Wellness, Rhythm & Balance: A Retreat for Peer Groups

In the spring, NBA brought together members of our Peer Learning and Wellness Groups for a weekend of fellowship, reflection, and healing.

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Peer Learning & Wellness Groups Create a Place to Connect, Be Seen and Heard

NBA is in the process of launching several Peer Learning & Wellness Groups that center voices of color. Meet the conveners leading the charge.

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Reflections on the Impact of NBA’s Executive Leaders Peer Learning and Wellness Group

Read about the impact of NBA’s Executive Leaders Peer Learning & Wellness Group.

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Introducing NBA’s 2020-2022 Multilingual Latin@ Pastors and Leaders Peer Group

Introducing NBA's newest Peer Learning and Wellness Group for Advocacy and Activism.

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NBA Deepens Mental Health Initiative and Peer Group Work with Rev. Héctor Hernández as Connect Coordinator

Effective January 1, 2019, the National Benevolent Association welcomes Rev. Héctor Hernández into the new, full-time role of Connect Coordinator.

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NBA Advocacy and Activism Peer Group Launches, Remembers Michael Brown in St. Louis

As we continue to connect and resource Disciples health and social service ministries, we have called together eight Disciples activists into our newest Peer Learning and Wellness Group for Advocacy and Activism.

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Ministry of Presence as a Peer Group Convener

Ministry can be lonely sometimes. As a peer group convener, my greatest joy is bringing people together so they know they are not alone, sharing in their joys and challenges, and watching new relationships form that reflect the very presence of God among us.

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Marketing & Development Peer Group Launches at Disciples Development Conference

NBA and DHM have called together Disciples-related nonprofit marketing and development personnel, and/or those responsible for this work within their ministries, into a new peer group.

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Disciples Care Exchange Calls Together Executive Leaders Peer Group

National Benevolent Association (NBA) and Disciples Home Missions (DHM) have called together Disciple-related nonprofit executives into a peer group to share, learn, and grow in their ministries and relationships.

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NBA Gathers Prison & Jail Ministry Workers for a Two-Year Peer Group Experience

In April, eight prison and jail ministry practitioners gathered in Louisville, Kentucky, to attend the “Reaching Individuals Behind and Beyond the Bars” conference and to kick off the first NBA Prison and Jail Ministries Peer Group

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Learn and Grow with NBA Resources

NBA Impact Report 2022

Read and download the 20-page PDF of the 2022 NBA Impact Report, featuring stories from NBA programs, partners, and Disciples leaders.

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2023 NBA Town Hall

There have been so many exciting resources, initiatives and partnerships at NBA recently, hear all about it!

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Worship for Families of Incarcerated Individuals

These resources were created to offer people of faith an opportunity to worship together and reflect on the experience of immigrants in the Bible and the experience of immigrants living in the United States.

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Liturgy for Working with Incarcerated People  

We invite you to explore immigration through these liturgies and worship resources.

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Liturgies for Immigration and Detention

We invite you to explore immigration through these liturgies and worship resources.

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Liturgy for Reentry Ministries

We invite you to explore immigration through these liturgies and worship resources.

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Faith-Based Black HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention Guide

16-page PDF resource with historical insight into the HIV/AIDS epidemic, sermon starters, and statistics.

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Liturgy for Immigration and Detention

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NBA Prison and Jail Ministries Peer Group, 2016-18

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