Your gift to NBA ministries helps create communities of compassion and care with Disciples health and social service ministries across the life of the church. Thank you for your support!

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Be part of our shared work to advance care and raise awareness of needs that are often overlooked and forgotten—needs such as affordable housing; spiritual care for the incarcerated; children and family services; programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities; care and advocacy for older adults; hunger and food security initiatives; and other efforts responding to human need in its many expressions.

Support social entrepreneurs of faith and emerging Disciples health and social service ministries through the NBA Incubate Initiative, including nonprofits like Hearts for Care/DRCO (OK), QC Family Tree (NC), or Gomer's House (OR).

"I am redefining my understanding of ministry. I thank the NBA for offering encouragement, knowledge, and support. The small successes and support of those I encounter help me find affirmations that, yes, what I do is not just a job, but a vital ministry." ~Rev. Devon McAnally, Executive Director, Hearts for Care, a ministry of Disciples Retirement Community of Oklahoma, Inc.


Contribute to the collaborative partnerships throughout the network of Disciples-related health and social service ministries across the country.

"Woodhaven’s church roots give us unique strengths and opportunities that differ from providers who are not faith-based. The Disciples Care Exchange allows us to connect with others who share our Disciples identity, values, and history to collaborate and share ideas." ~C. Mark Palmer, CEO, Woodhaven


Make an impact by supporting NBA XPLOR, a faith-based, congregationally hosted residency for young adults (ages 21-30) exploring lives of care, service, and social justice community engagement.

"NBA XPLOR has inspired me to speak…to not let my voice be shut down and not to be afraid of what people might think. After all, Jesus was crucified for speaking about truth, love, justice; He paved the way for us. We are entering new environments, building new relationships, and taking a big step in our lives." ~Cristian Marin, 2015-16 NBA XPLOR Resident, Quad Cities, IL/IA


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We thrive on collaboration.
We invite your partnership. 
We invite your ideas and insights.
We invite your affirmation. 
We invite your prayers. We invite you.
Thank you for your support!

Introducing the Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren NBA Leadership Fund, supporting the mission of the NBA with a priority for leadership development programs, such as NBA XPLOR. Learn more >>

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As we live into the second decade of the 21st Century, we remain moved by Matilda Hart Younkin and the five other Christian women who gathered in discernment and prayer in those early years. Thank you for your support as we continue to create communities of compassion and care!

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