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NBA Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren Leadership Fund

Ben Bohren

In partnership with the Christian Church Foundation, the NBA celebrates the ministerial leadership and vision of Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren with the NBA Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren Leadership Fund. His longtime service with NBA ministries can be seen in the numerous programs and initiatives that he has led, which has resulted in nurturing compassionate, faithful, and dedicated leaders and communities within the Church and beyond. From NBA Miracle Days, to NBA Leadership Scholars, to the chaplaincy care programs that were implemented at numerous Disciples-affiliated health and social service agencies, Ben models and encourages our NBA vision of “creating communities of compassion and care.”

After more than eight years serving as a Mission Specialist for NBA XPLOR, Ben has retired from his role with the XPLOR program. Beginning in 2012, Ben worked with NBA staff and various partner leaders to build a Disciples’ residential service year program to support young adult Disciples exploring the connection between a life of faith, and the work of justice. Since its formal launch in 2014, NBA XPLOR has had more than 120 young adults live, work, and be in intentional community with Disciples churches and nonprofits across the U.S.

NBA XPLOR 2016-17

The earnings from NBA Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren Leadership Fund directly support the mission of the NBA with a priority for supporting leadership development programs, such as NBA XPLOR. In all of the ministries the NBA connects and supports, we understand the importance of enabling and encouraging strong, informed leaders in creating communities of compassion and care.

We invite our NBA friends and Disciples across the life of the Church to give to this NBA Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren Leadership Fund.

Let us honor and celebrate the ministerial leadership and contributions of our dear Ben Bohren! Thank you for your generosity and support!


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