In celebration of Jackie's leadership and service with the NBA

NBA Jackie Compton Bunch Fund

We Celebrate and Introduce the NBA Jackie Compton Bunch Fund

From meeting tables to communion tables, Jackie Compton Bunch has presided and offered faithful leadership at numerous ministry tables across the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Jackie recently concluded three terms of service (2011-2019) on the NBA Board of Trustees. From July 2016 to June 2019, Jackie served as the Chair of the NBA Board.

In honor of the tremendous service and faithful leadership that Jackie has provided NBA over many years, the NBA celebrates the creation of the NBA Jackie Compton Bunch Fund!

About the NBA Jackie Compton Bunch Fund

In partnership with the Christian Church Foundation, the NBA is creating the NBA Jackie Compton Bunch Fund. The earnings from this endowed fund will support Disciples of Christ-affiliated health and social service ministries by strengthening leaders and organizational development.

With these funds, the NBA is able to support ministries with a constellation of support and services, such as marketing and communications consulting, executive coaching, back-office accounting, and executive searches, as well as networking with other partners through webinars, educational opportunities, and peer learning groups. Learn more about how your support strengthens and creates communities of compassion and care.

We invite you to give to the NBA Jackie Compton Bunch Fund. May Jackie’s professional commitments to serve and to faithfully care inspire us all. Thank you for your generosity and support!

Make your gift to the NBA Jackie Compton Bunch Fund!

Please note, 2.6% of your gift will go towards credit card processing fees. We encourage you to add 2.6% to your gift, which will enable more funds that can be applied directly to mission. Thank you!