Associate Vice President of Development

Rev. Tamara Chestnut

Rev. Tamara Chestnut, is a licensed and ordained Christian minister within the Metropolitan Spiritual Churches of Christ, a development professional, and a relationship builder.

She most recently served as the Senior Philanthropy Advisor at Reconciliation Services. Her approach to fundraising focuses on cultivating authentic relationships and finding ways to facilitate donor engagement. She has been working in fundraising for more than 20 years and is an alumna of the Fund Development Institute at Nonprofit Connect where she now equips new fundraisers by teaching sessions on major gifts and donor relations.

Before serving at Reconciliation Services, Tamara worked in donor relations and campaign management at a variety of nonprofit organizations, including Jewish Family Services, Metropolitan Lutheran Ministry, Alphapointe, and Heart to Heart International.

Tamara is excited to share her experience in fundraising development, and strategic program and share her passion for ministry planning and music ministry services to faith-based institutions. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her two daughters, Lauren and Madison, and her pets, Smokie the cat, and Giovani her Samusky puppy.

Getting to Know Tamara

Why do you feel “called to care” about Disciples health and social service ministry?

I get up every day because I am called to serve. I recognize that God has blessed me with Grace and I am committed to sharing that grace with everyone else. I have been called to serve here.

Who is a hero of yours, and why?

My husband is my hero. I watched him fight for years with chronic illness. Every day I saw him fight to be present for his daughters, for his community, and for those whom he loved. His motto was “l love you more.” These words were shared with everyone – even those who disagreed with his politics and his beliefs. In his last days – he touched so many by sharing his love through his daily words of encouragement and life reflection. Today, I am committed to honoring his legacy by loving everyone more.

If I tried to find you in a supermarket, what aisle would you be in?

I love seasonings. A dash of this, a pinch of that brings flavor to whatever you are creating. I love creating good food for those I care for and the right seasonings enhance the colors and flavors of your creation no matter what kind of food you are making.