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2018-19 Mission & Ministry Grant

STAR Kids: Students Together Achieve Results

Star Kids is designed as a 4-hour monthly after-school mentoring program for children 8-12 who have experienced abuse and/or neglect in their home life or in foster care. The program aims to teach positive life skills and inspire hope. Children will be provided a nutritious meal, tutoring,  and life skills learning in areas such as self-esteem, healthy eating, basic cooking skills, personal hygiene and cleanliness, mental health, meditation, basic animal care, career exploration, and socialization skills. In addition, group activities will include field trips, physical exercise, music and singing.

This program is an extension of their Royal Family Kids Camp ministry, a free camp they host each summer for this population of children.  The Star Kids program began in November and is continuing through the school year.

Mission Area: At-Risk Children and Youth

Catalyst Grant: US $3,000