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Harmony Grows

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Ms. Kristy Doering, Executive Director
4449 Cynthia Dr.
North Canton, OH 44720

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Harmony Grows seeks to achieve community-wide food security through education, small-scale sustainable production, and collaboration. By creating and engaging in an alternative food system centered around local production we can empower our communities while protecting and nurturing our place on the land.

Fall 2022 Mission & Ministry Grant

Garden Accessibility Project

During this summer while working on gardening projects Harmony Grows founder, Kristy Doering realized that the majority of their regular volunteers were senior citizens. Additionally, she identified several other people who are eager to help but were having some difficulty with the physical demands of the work. To combat this, the organization launched the Garden Accessibility Project to make the space easier to access by including hand railings, (the garden is slightly downhill from the level parking area). They are also working to construct raised garden beds to eliminate the need for participants to bend/stoop down when gardening, picnic tables to allow gardeners a place to sit and rest, and a raised tumbling composter so that participants can be involved in as much of the gardening process as they would like.

Mission Area: Older Adult Ministries

Grant Amount: $4,600