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Yedidyah Christian Church

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13820 Studebaker Rd.
Norwalk, CA 90650

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Fall 2021 Mission & Ministry Grant

Creating a Community Through Music for Youth

Yedidyah Christian Church is opening a music workshop for the youth in the community. The hope is to create a place where students may learn about music, get an opportunity to discover a musical gift, and create a community of music lovers.

This music workshop consists of two stages: first, a series of regular classes led by professionals in their field of music, including cello, violin, guitar, trumpet, and piano. The second stage is to create an opportunity for students to perform to showcase what they learned. Members from the Norwalk communities will be invited to come and enjoy a time of music and fellowship.

Mission Area: At-Risk Children and Youth

Grant Amount: $2,500

Fall 2022 Mission & Ministry Grants

Walking Together: Community Performing Arts

During the 2002 Advent season, Yedidyah Christian Chruch is planning a special musical project for the community. The musical will be performed in both Korean and English and be open to all – regardless of cultural or ethnic background. At the beginning of September, at-risk youth, older adults, and professionals came together to start this project. The final performance will include Korean traditional instruments, music, singing, and acting. While this project will serve the community at large, it will also provide at-risk youth and older adults a chance to learn and perform various instruments and experience theater culture.

Mission Area: Intergenerational

Grant Amount: $5,000