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Be The Neighbor

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Rev. Mary Lu Johnston and
Rev. Allison Lanza, Co-Executive Directors
Austin, Texas

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Be The Neighbor is a justice-based service-learning trip ministry empowering youth and adults to put faith into action through service and justice in ways that are relational, sustainable, and dignity-affirming.  Be the Neighbor trips include direct service, relational ministry, immersion experiences, and education.  Participants learn from community leaders and organizers, public policymakers, advocates, and neighbors affected by the injustices they are seeking to address.  Participants learn how to be the neighbor, not only through service, but also by learning about root causes and systemic issues, so that they can return to their own communities to serve and work for justice.

Fall 2022 Mission & Ministry Grants

Advocacy & Justice Education for Youth

This project will provide opportunities for youth to gain hands-on experiences in service and justice work from some of the leading activists, academics, and community leaders who have dedicated their lives to understanding and addressing the root causes of the injustices in our communities.

Mission Area: At-Risk Children and Youth

Grant Amount: $7,000