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Empower Hope Center

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Rev. Syvoskia Bray Pope, Executive Director
1875 Farnsley Road
Louisville, KY 40216

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The mission of the Empower Hope Center is to empower families, change lives, and bring transformation in the community.

Our vision is to offer a diverse range of program in social services, that are design to empower individuals, strengthen families in our family success plan. Through life skills classes, career pathways, financial education, and entrepreneurship training, single mothers support and parenting, youth development, food pantry, senior care and these families can be better prepared to meet the demands of life.

As we continue to evolve, we envision our goals being manifested through young men and women exploring entrepreneurship and teaching them how to build generational wealth through business ownership. We pledge to continue building sustainable programs to assist families in low to moderate income range to become a resilient community where families can be educated, enriched, and empowered to achieve their hopes and dreams.

The Empower Hope Center has one key ingredient that leads to transformation which is empowering hope, because “We see and believe Hope changes everything.”