Mental Health & Wellness Access with Well Watered Soul Inc.

Part of the National Benevolent Association’s mission is to work alongside other ministries that are working to cultivate compassionate communities in their area. One of the organizations working to do that is Well Watered Soul.

Founded by Debbie Ott and Rev. Greg Ott, Well Watered Soul is a non-profit with a mission to “serve low-income and socially marginalized people suffering from mental health hardships.” Through their various forms of ministry and business experiences, the Ott’s realized how inaccessible mental health and wellness care were, so they went to work trying to solve that problem.

In this video, Director of Mental Health & Wellness, Joselyn Spence sits down with the Ott’s to discuss mental health, the pandemic, and what lead them to create a non-profit that centers the mental health of low-income and socially marginalized individuals. Watch their conversation below.