Webinar: Building a Congregation-Based Mental Health Ministry

With so much great information and energy being shared to inform and bring awareness to mental health issues in the church, congregations are taking seriously what it means to become a welcoming place for all. Across the church, faith-filled Disciples are desiring to build mental health ministries in their local congregations. However, mental health and wellness is a broad, multilayered, and complex topic to address in the church. Often, passionate people are left feeling overwhelmed and unclear how to pull it off.

Learn from our Mental Health Initiative Manager, Angela Whitenhill, and other Disciples building or expanding congregation-based mental health ministries, as they share the practical realities of starting such a ministry, their discernment process, and what’s next on the journey!


Webinar Presenters

  • Angela Whitenhill, LCSW – Mental Health Initiative Manager, NBA
  • Rev. Chris Furr – Senior Pastor – Covenant Christian Church, Cary, NC
  • Rev. Tom Jones – Executive Director – S.H.A.R.E. Sharing Hands, A Respite Experience, Midland, TX
  • Linda Manns – Community Health Faith/Parish Nurse – Loudon Avenue Christian Church, Roanoke, VA
  • Moderator: Rev. Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick – Director of Connect Ministries, NBA