Webinar: Resources for Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention

WHOLE* Disciples seeks to provide education for the denomination on the prevalence and subversiveness of domestic and intimate partner violence in our communities. Resolution GA-1928, adopted in 2019, calls on Disciples to recognize their role in preventing domestic violence and to care for those who are suffering from trauma. WHOLE Disciples offers clergy and laity the tools to offer a compassionate and safe response to people who are often suffering in silence. Watch our webinar below to learn more about the educational offerings from WHOLE Disciples and why awareness, prevention, and trauma-informed care are so greatly needed in our society.


Rev. Courtney Armento

Rev. Amie Vanderford, Minister and Co-Founder of LabOratory Church

Rev. Dr. Crystal D. Walker

Rev. Yani Davis, founder of My SupaNatural Life

* WHOLE is an acronym for Woke, Healed, Organic, Liberated, Educated.

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