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“Rhaji, the Servant.” Saints Art Project, by Rev. Helms Jarrell.

Does He Work?

Rev. Helms Jarrell   |   June 07, 2016

The real-life stories of our QC Family Tree neighbors help the listener to connect more deeply with the community that exists in our neighborhood. The true-to-life stories of acceptance and family-like care rattle loose the myths from media and urban legend they have come to hold true.

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Finding Our People

Rev. Helms Jarrell   |   April 25, 2016

Greg and I at QC Family Tree have been doing the work of community building for 10 years, rooted in Enderly Park, a West Charlotte neighborhood that bears the wounds of racial oppression and economic injustice. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a particular story repeat itself over and over.

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There Is Another Way

Rev. Helms Jarrell, Rev. Greg Jarrell   |   August 03, 2015

People ask me why I’m here: “You had the luxury of choosing where to live and what to do. At any time, you could choose to leave. You don’t have to stay there if you don’t want to.” You’re right. When I moved here, I did have a choice. But now that I’m here, I don’t want out.

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Rev. Terri Hord Owens

NBA + OGMP On the Road: Connecting Communities of Compassion and Care

March 12, 2018

During the week of March 12-18, 2018, General Minister and President Rev. Terri Hord Owens will be traveling with the NBA to visit with Disciples health and social service ministries across the country.

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Ben Bohren

Mission Specialist, NBA XPLOR

Disciples Retirement Community of Oklahoma provides support for senior adults and their families, either directly or through referrals to other service providers in the Oklahoma Disciples Region.