Power Moves Only

Margaret Morrison   |   October 21, 2019
Margaret MorrisonMargaret Morrison

Moving away from home is a funny thing. I have done it a couple of times. My first time was when I began college at the University of Georgia, a lengthy hour and forty-five-minute drive from home. This was a move that provoked so much anxiety and instability in me that I did not know if I would even want to move again. I had no friends, no idea what to study, and no idea how to get around Athens, Georgia. When I finally began to settle into my community and place at UGA my sophomore year of college, I made a decision that seemed silly based on my experience: I applied to study abroad at the University of Oxford in England.

This seemed like an insane move for a gal who was a mess after she moved to college, but I was accepted into the program and off to England I went. Studying abroad was one of my favorite experiences of college for many reasons. It illustrated to me an inner strength that I possess in myself, my people, and my God. I could go anywhere and be okay because of the support system that I had at home, the friends that I made on my adventures, the God I had and still have by my side, and because of the woman that I am.

One of my favorite moves, besides Oxford of course, was a move during two summers of college to a little town called Lineville in Alabama where I worked at a summer camp. This move seems small in comparison to a move across the pond, but it changed so much in my heart. I learned how to be myself and what it felt like to have friends who were family. I saw how God could make a little campus in the backwoods of Alabama feel like Heaven. This was a good move.

Now I have moved a mere 33 hours away from my hometown of Marietta, Georgia, and I am not going to be here for just three months like camp or study abroad. I am going to be here for far longer. I do not have a house full of forty-three people to talk to at all times of the day like in Oxford, I am not a short drive from my parents like at UGA, and I am not living among the blueberry patches like in Lineville, but I am here and I am learning. I am waiting expectantly to start seeing the ways in which my heart is changing because of this move. This big, wild, bold move. This move where when I tell people about it and they go, “I couldn’t do that,” and I want to respond “Yeah, I didn’t think I could either,” but I am here. I am here because I know where I can fall. I am so grateful for the people that love me and have cheered me on to this point in my life and am thankful for the people I have met or will meet in Spokane who will continue to do the same.

Moving is hard, but what I have learned is that it has the ability to change your life for the best. I am more me because of the people that I have met, the places that I have seen, and the opportunities that I have had because of moves, big and small. There is family to be had, dancing to be done, love to be found, and a God that abounds when you move.

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