Disciples Care Exchange: A Marketplace of Care

In the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the ministries of health and social services have been core to our Disciples identity and faith. Today, the National Benevolent Association (NBA) and Disciples Home Missions (DHM) are collaborating to support a network of care providers—the Disciples Care Exchange.

The Disciples Care Exchange (DCE) is a marketplace of new and historic Disciples-related health and social service ministries that serves as a forum for ministries to connect, engage, and walk alongside one another. Participants in the DCE connect with congregations, regions, and individuals seeking to support, volunteer, or participate in their services. These services include senior housing and care, children’s services, healthcare services, ministries to the homeless, food and hunger security initiatives, and many more. Through the DCE, we engage through peer learning opportunities, mentoring and coaching between leaders and staff of different organizations, webinars, and resource sharing.

As a partnership initiative between the NBA and DHM, we walk alongside the DCE participants as they seek to expand their programs, start new projects, and transition through new phases of their ministries. Guided by an advisory committee, a dedicated NBA/DHM staff member is committed to listening and finding ways to resource our partners, as well as to share the stories of these amazing ministries throughout the Church.

“The Disciples Care Exchange brings to life what it means to be the Body of Christ,” says Rev. Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick, director of the DCE and Affinity Group Ministries at the NBA. “We are connecting all parts of health and social services ministries to make the greatest impact on our Church and the world.”

At this year’s General Assembly, the NBA hosted more than 16 Disciples-related health and social service ministries in a shared exhibit booth, providing space for the ministries to share their programs and services with the Church. New this year, the NBA sponsored the Connect Marketplace Pop-Up Café as an innovative lunch offering for GA attendees. The café was staffed with several of our DCE partners who were able to fellowship with café guests and share what’s happening in each of their ministries.

To learn more about the Disciples Care Exchange and how to get involved, you can view our Partner Directory, complete the online information form, and/or contact Rev. Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick at mkilpatrick@nbacares.org or (314) 993-9000 ext. 4733.

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