The Struggle Is Real – Series Intro

Introducing a New NBA XPLOR Blog Series!

Does the lack of negativity make for a positive outcome?

This question was asked to a group of 950 critical thinking writers ranging in age from 14 to 30*. The consensus was 87.5% no and 12.5% yes.

A few of the responses are as follows:

“In moderation [negativity] can help bring a positive outcome…It’s a balance.”

“Lack of negativity prevents an over-negative outcome. An example where negativity helps a positive outcome is constructive criticism”

“Some negativity is healthy if you want to improve.”

“It is all about balance.”

Many of the responses spoke of balance; how you can’t have the good without the bad. I would have to agree with those responses.

Personally, when I am looking into an organization, I look for the negative as well as the positive. If there is no negative, I begin to think the organization is too good to be true. How can something go off without a hitch? Even if it can, how can it improve if it continues to stay on the straight and narrow? For an organization to draw me in, I want to see that it is always taking the road less traveled and charging ahead because to me, the straight and narrow won’t cut it.

In a recent conversation with the NBA XPLOR Director, the North Hollywood XPLOR house found that as a program, we tend to share far more positives than negatives. Intentional or not, there is a unbalanced front being put up. And I am not just talking about the blogs and articles NBA publishes; I am also talking about our personal social media. This is probably part of our culture as a whole and the tendency to put forth more idealized versions of our lives via social media. I have posted many pictures of my house having fun and going on adventures. Never have I posted about how often we have to discuss the dishes.

As a way to change this, I’m organizing a new NBA XPLOR blog series called “The Struggle is Real.” The series will contain the hardships of the 2016-17 XPLOR Residents and give you a look at how each house works to solve them.

What do you think? Does the lack of negativity make for a positive outcome?

In the comments below, let us know your thoughts. And don’t forget to keep a look out for “The Struggle is Real” blog series over the next few months!

*Poll of a private writers’ Facebook group, April 2017.