SoulCare Moment: Let Us Breathe

Take a moment to pause, process, and breathe.

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SoulCare: A Guided Breathing Exercise

Join Director of Mental Health & Wellness Joselyn Spence as she walks you through a guided breathing meditation.

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Introducing NBA’s Mental Health Equity Cohort’s Holiday Series

Each year, we offer a mental health and wellness holiday resources to encourage you to prioritize holistic wellness during the wintertime and the holidays. This year, our round up of holiday wellness resources is brought to you by NBA’s Mental Health Equity Cohort.

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The Corner: A BIPOC Clergy Retreat Model

In this 24-page booklet, you'll find research on the importance of clergy wellness, an editable retreat design plan, and a sample schedule and activities to plan your own wellness retreat for BIPOC clergy.

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Celebrating Our Stories of Cultural Resilience: Sharing Diverse Mental Health Stories

Joselyn Spence, NBA Director of Mental Health & Wellness has curated a group of activists, therapists, and pastors to share their stories.

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NBA’s Mental Health Work Heads to Kentucky

Chaplains in Kentucky gather with the Director of Mental Health and Wellness Joselyn Spence.

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Closing Mental Health Awareness Month 2022: Inspiration for the Road Ahead

As we close out Mental Health Awareness Month 2022, NBA Director of Mental Health and Wellness, Joselyn Spence reflects on our month of resources, creative submissions, and scripture.

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Empowering Others Through Their Mental Health Journey

This post has resources and content that center the topic of empowerment.

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Dealing with Depression

This post has resources and content that center depression.

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Seeking Professional Help

Looking for a professional to aid in your mental health journey? This post has resources on where to find a professional that fits your needs.

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