Empowering Others Through Their Mental Health Journey

This year, for Mental Health Awareness Month we asked Disciples to respond creatively to this question: Where do you see God in your mental health journey? We received recorded songs, poems, essays, and other reflections from people across the denomination. This post has resources and content that will help in your journey of finding professional help. To watch our intro video about this series, watch it here.

You Are The Song, Diana Tyler

Webinar, Pastoral Vulnerability: Navigating the Nuance of Disclosing Clergy Mental Health Challenges

Learning how to hold and talk about mental health within the church is a gift in and of itself. However, how pastors and church leaders balance the art of sharing their testimony of living life with mental health challenges requires a special type of skill, support, and wisdom.

Watch this webinar to learn from the trials and testimonies of clergy and church leaders who’ve courageously disclosed their own mental health challenges and continue to pastor and live whole with mental illness.

Watch the Webinar 

Webinar, Speaking into the Silence

So often, people suffer in isolation as they navigate the throes of mental illness in their personal lives. Yet, contrary to widespread assumptions, clergy and church leaders are sought to help with psychological distress more often than other mental health experts.

In an effort to begin equipping church leaders with the tools necessary to respond to the silent cries, this webinar will focus on storytelling and testimony sharing as a means for healing and empowerment.

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