2023 SENT Seminar

NBA’s annual SENT Seminar is back with a month-long lineup of keynote speakers and pre-recorded learning sessions. This year’s theme, “Changing the Narrative,” will focus on storytelling and feature dynamic speakers who will share the stories of how they brought their social enterprises to life via marketing, fundraising, and other opportunities.

Join the NBA Social Entrepreneurship team live on Facebook and YouTube on Thursdays, September 7–28, 2023 at 7 p.m. ET for keynote presentations and opportunities for virtual fellowship.

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Schedule of Speakers & Events

Each week we will release a series of pre-recorded videos from our speakers around a particular theme. On Thursday, we invite you to join the speakers as we go live on Facebook and YouTube. During the live broadcast, you’ll have the chance to ask questions and get to know the other seminar attendees.

Week One — Theme: Telling Their Stories with members of the NBA Social Entrepreneur Cohorts

Week Two — Theme: The Power of Storytelling

Week Three — Theme: When Old Narratives Don’t Work

  • Rev. Sandhya Jha, Keynote
  • Cameron Gray, Fundraising and In-Kind Donations
  • Rev. Lisle Gwynn Garrity, Discerning a Business Model
  • Join us Thursday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. CT for our keynote speaker and Q&A during a Facebook and YouTube live session.

Week Four— Theme: Forging a New Path

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Social Entrepreneurship

The NBA Social Entrepreneurship Program defines a social enterprise as "a project that seeks to meet or correct a social need or problem."
You do not have to have an actual project.
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