NBA Social Entrepreneurship Program

2024 SENT Cohort

The SENT Cohort was created to enhance relationships, support, and provide education for social entrepreneurs as they launch and grow their new social service organizations. Cohort members have attended an NBA SENT Seminar and demonstrated an interest and willingness to work with NBA’s Social Entrepreneurship team on a deeper level.

Advocates Embassy, Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Dr. Milton Keys

Advocates Embassy offers education for clergy and congregations to be accessible, welcoming and inclusive to those with disabilities.

Disciples Region: Indiana

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Brown Girl Earth, Memphis, TN

Tiarra Evans

Brown Girl Earth seeks to engage, encourage, and equip Brown Girls of all ages with emotional and mental wellness resources. They seek to close the gap in affordable wellness resources for Black women, offering​ mentoring​, life-coaching​, and quarterly retreats.

Disciples Region: Tennessee

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Spirited Renewal, Ontario, CA

Rev. Neddy Yong

Spirited Renewal provides facilitation, reflection and consultation for historically marginalized leaders to support psycho-spiritually healthy and radically inclusive communities and community organizations.

Disciples Region: Pacific Southwest

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Feed the Homies, Indianapolis, IN

Rickey Murff

Feed the Homies provides resources, training, and empowers those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity​. Services include meal provisions​ and food security resources.

Disciples Region: Indiana

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Good Grief Now!, Indianapolis, IN

Rev. Rae Karim

Good Grief Now! offers individual and group Grief Support coaching, educational resources, and group education.

Disciples Region: Indiana

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The Forgotten Adoption Option, St. Charles, MO

Marcy Bursac

The Forgotten Adoption Option helps find and coach adoptive families for the 113,000 children in the foster care system. Services include family education and coaching as well as group education.

Disciples Region: Mid-America

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Creative Spaces Cultural Arts Center, Cleveland Heights, OH

Rev. Jason Bricker-Thompson

Creative Spaces Cultural Arts Center seeks to make art accessible to everyone in its community, offering art performance and productions​, collaborative art gallery space​, and space for art education courses.

Sponsoring Congregation: Disciples Christian Church
Disciples Region: Ohio

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Theater TAL – True Actors League, Norwalk, CA

Young Kim

Theater TAL develops and promotes cultural arts programming to strengthen harmony, cultural appreciation, and healthy multi-ethnic communities. Services include ​performing art productions and arts education.

Disciples Region: Northern California

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Rooted In Dignity, Flossmoor, IL

Darthula Young

Rooted in Dignity provides guidance, support, and education for end-of-life preparation, and equips BIPOC communities to navigate grief and death.​ Services include educational seminars​ and individual and family counseling.

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North Texas TRANSportation Network, Kennedale, TX

Cynthia Daniels

North Texas TRANSportation Network provides travel grants to families seeking out-of-state medical healthcare for their trans and gender-diverse minors.

Sponsoring Congregation: Galileo Church
Disciples Region:

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Ubuntu Wellness Center, New York, NY

Brittney Williams

Brittney Willaims is an end-of-life doula, believing Black folks deserve to live liberated lives and die dignified deaths. Ubuntu Wellness Center​ serves as a hub and resource center for Black individuals​, offering Ancestral readings, reiki, bereavement care and death-care.

Disciples Region: Northeastern

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MedCity REFUGE, Rochester, MN

Rev. Ana Wilson

MedCity REFUGE receives those traveling to Rochester, MN for reproductive and gender-affirming medical healthcare. They currently offer hotel vouchers, donated space, and refuge homes for those traveling for their medical care. 

Disciples Region: Upper Midwest

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