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7 Things You Can Do to Improve the Sad State of Board Diversity

From: Nonprofit AF

Social Enterprise Resource Bank – October 3, 2017

Last week, we shared Boardsource’s new report on nonprofit boards. This week is a follow-up blog from Nonprofit AF with tips on improving board diversity.

“OK, we need to have a serious talk. The lack of diversity on boards is no longer just annoying. It is a critical issue. Because I am grumpy, let me put it this way: If your board is not representative of the community you claim to serve, then you are furthering the injustice you seek to fight.

This goes for foundations, too.

I know it sounds harsh. Your board members have good intentions. They care about equity and social justice. But good intentions are not enough. Whether we like it or not, nonprofit and foundation boards wield a tremendous amount of influence on this work. And whether we intend to or not, the lack of board diversity trickles down and has some wide-ranging consequences.” – Vu

Vu offers seven practical solutions to improving your board’s diversity and improving the work your organziation is doing in your community. Read the full blog post at the link below:

“7 things you can do to improve the sad, pathetic state of board diversity.”

We’d love to hear suggestions from you on how you’ve improved your board’s diversity. If you have ideas, leave them in the comments!

Featured with permission from Nonprofit AF. 

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