Innovation in Social Action

Last year, at NBA’s Connect Conference, Incubate partner Sandhya Jha introduced conference participants to Spirit in Action.

Spirit in Action catalyzes broad-based movement building. Their vision is a world in which people live sustainably, power is shared collectively, and peace and justice flourish. They work nationally and regionally with diverse communities, grassroots groups and social justice organizations, training and supporting people to generate a positive future for all. Donationas support their programs that help grassroots organizations connect to each other and learn to work together, so that they can build strength and momentum for deep and lasting social change.

During her presentation, Sandhya described Spirit in Action’s Theory of Transformation. This theiry allows the organization to build a broad and interconnected social force committed to collectively transforming the world by working with communities to reimagine culture, resist domination, reform institutions and recreate society.

As you work to solve complex community problems in your area, consider what your organization’s theory of transformation might be. For more information, visit Spirit in Action’s Theory of Transformation page.

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