Innovation Institute: Organizational Wellness Webinar

Innovation Institute: Organizational Wellness Webinar

The NBA Non-Profit Innovation Institute is a series of educational webinars and workshops focused on providing relevant and tangible information to support the administrative and operational work of health and social service organizations and projects. 

The webinars offer broad topic-based trainings and wisdom-sharing available to anyone seeking to learn more about board development, marketing, communications, fundraising, organizational wellness, leadership, and moreOur one-day, in-person workshops focus on a deeper dive into the webinar topic and allow participants to walk away with tangible tools to go about their work.  Each webinar will be led by a topic specialist in the field and the in-person workshop will provide hands-on expert engagement and feedback for your organization or project. 

Our first Innovation Institute webinar is centered around Organizational Wellness. We believe that prioritizing wellness within organizations is essential for creating environments where both employees and the communities they serve can thrive. This webinar equips you with practical insights and actionable strategies to enhance wellness within your organization by exploring key elements of organizational wellness to foster a healthy workplace. We learn about holistic wellness, assessment, and other strategies to integrate a more structured wellness approach in your non-profit.


Meet our Presenter

Joselyn Spence serves as the Director of the NBA’s Mental Health and Wellness Initiative. In this role, Joselyn works to design and implement programs that promote holistic wellness across all NBA programs. This work is done through the creation of learning resources for clergy and community leaders, addressing the needs of pastors in a variety of ministry settings, sharing the stories that help to eliminate stigmas related to mental health and wellness. She is passionate about mental health care, holistic wellness, communal care ethics, and spirituality. As a holistic wellness specialist, she has worked at the intersection of these passions to develop research and provide empathic care to all she is called to serve.