Sermon Series: For Such A Time As This

The National Benevolent Association presents “For Such a Time as This” our sermon series by prophetic voices from the NBA community that will inspire you to think critically and act justly while also giving our pastors deserved time off from preaching during Pastoral Appreciation Month!

The NBA has a call to address issues of wellness equity. Specifically, we seek to prioritize the equitable sharing of knowledge, resources, and support services for communities that are impacted by complex, oppressive systems. As part of this work, this sermon series was created to:

  • Encourage clergy in their own practices of wellness to use this sermon series for pulpit supply as a means of rest and divine collaboration in the midst of crisis.
  • Uplift the importance of wellness equity and mental health justice across the life of the church.
  • Call the church to action around particular issues of injustice that affect the mental health and well-being of communities of color.

As the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) we proclaim to be an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, pro-reconciliation church and follow a Christ whose ministry was to “proclaim good news to the poor, recover sight to the blind, and set the oppressed free.”  To be faithful to this call, we must offer a healthier, more just way to understand ourselves and others, and inspire our church to act accordingly. It is essential to the mental and emotional well-being of our nation and to its citizens.

You can watch and read through the sermons below. Check back each week for new sermons!

Rev. Dr. Delesslyn Kennebrew, “Grief is Well Rounded”

Rev. Kennebrew is the Regional Minister for Ministry innovation in the Greater Kansas City of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Her sermon comes from the 121st Psalm and focuses on grief.

Rev. Sandhya Jha

Rev. Jha is the founder and executive director of Oakland Peace Center in Oakland, California. She recounts the history of racism against Asians in America and Asian Americans.

Rev. Virzola Law, “Finding Your Superpower”

Rev. Law is the Senior Pastor at Northway Christian Church in Dallas, Texas. Her sermon is part of a series about superheroes. This installment focuses on the incomparable community of Wakanda from the Marvel film Black Panther.

Rev. Pedro Ramos Goycolea, “Striving for Wholeness”

Rev. Ramos Goycolea is the pastor and organizer of Comunidad Limen Christian Church and is also pastor of Desert Dove Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona. He preaches on the miraculous things that can happen in the liminal space

Rev. Dr. Mark Poindexter

Dr. Poindexter is the Senior Pastor at West Side Christian Church in Portsmouth, Virginia. His sermon focuses on the powerfulness of the mind.

Rev. Bere Gil Soto, “Lean on Me”

Rev. Gil Soto is the pastor of Iglesia Hermandad Cristiana in Indianapolis, Indiana. Preaching from Mark, Rev. Gil Soto talks about the power of trusting God and helping on one another.

Rev. Amber Churchill, “Lament”

COVID-19, police killings of Black citizens, loss of life, routine, jobs and so much more. Rev. Churchill’s sermon highlights the loss the world his experiencing right now and discusses the importance of leaning into the discomfort and properly grieving all that’s been lost. Rev. Churchill is currently serving as the interim Minister Irving North Christian Church in Irving, Texas.

Rev. Tiffany M. Curtis, “On Carceral Logic”

Rev. Curtis is the pastor of First Christian Church of Santa Fe. Her sermon challenges us to think shift our perspectives of right vs. wrong. She illustrates the importance of the middle ground rather than either or thinking.

Rev. Chris Furr, “An Altered Mind”

Rev. Furr is the Senior Minister at Covenant Christian Church in Cary, North Carolina. He preaches about John the Baptist to help explain what it takes for us make a shift towards the way we know God has called us to go.

Rev. Dr. Young Lan Kim, “To Break Down the Barriers”

Preaching from Ephesians, Dr. Kim shares how God’s work in the world is what makes it possible for us to tear down the walls that divide us and treat one another with compassion and care.

Rev. Orlando Scott, “Are You Ready to Make Room at the Table?”

Rev. Scott is the pastor of Amplified Christian Church in Snellville, Georgia. His message encourages disciples to think about what God is calling them to do in this moment, who God is asking you to make room for at your table.