SoulCare: Warmth and Wellness

NBA’s Mental Health & Wellness Director, Joselyn Spence, along with singer Diana Tyler and poet Rev. Rae Karim share a moment to pause, process, and care for ourselves this holiday season. We encourage you to grab your favorite mug, something soothing to sip, and a cozy chair as you prepare for an hour of SoulCare focused on wellness practices. Feel free to come back to this recording as often as you need!

Poem by Rev. Rae Karim

Warmth and wellness
Necessary components to properly care for your soul
Your soul
Your soul
That space within your being
Where your mind, will, emotions, intentions, desires and feelings
Come alive
Give you what you need to be who you are

Warmth the assurance of comfort
When the cold winds of life swell
And rush with urgency that commands you show up
Even in the midst of your own struggle

Wellness the courage to do what has to be done
To maintain the balance
And understand the challenge of all things working for your good
Even when the world around your seems to crumble

So if by chance you find yourself enveloped by grief
In a moment or two or fifty-three where your warmth comes by way of tears you shed
And the wellness comes from you taking a step back to just breathe

That is always ok
Because the care of your soul…its healing and wholeness is priority

©2022 Rae Karim