Webinar: Intro to Faith-Based/Rooted Organizing

You can feel it deep down: you sense God calling our communities to more. Our communities and neighbors are hurting; we want to make changes, but we are not sure what to do. We have tried charity; we have tried mission–but we see little change in our neighborhoods and communities.

God has shared with our faith communities a strong vision where the stranger is welcomed, the orphan is clothed, and the prisoner is set free. A community with dignity and equity: the beloved community. But how do we move toward that community? Faith based/rooted organizing is one faithful path.




This webinar offers what many faith communities are missing: a tool called community organizing. Community organizing is used by many movements who want systemic and political change led by the people most affected by the issues. In this webinar, we introduce the basic concepts of faith based/rooted organizing and explore the key shifts to move from serving your community to organizing with your community. Finally, we help participants map out an action plan to take next steps.


  • Rev. Sandhya Jha, Executive Director of Oakland Peace Center, NBA Incubate Affiliate Ministry and NBA XPLOR Community Engagement Site, and AR/PR Trainer Consultant with NBA XPLOR
  • Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise Baker, NBA Organizing Specialist, Organizer for Metropolitan Congregations United in St. Louis.


  • Explore the questions needed to make the theological shifts needed to move from service ministries to organizing ministries.
  • Explore the history and gifts of faith based/rooted organizing to create systemic change.
  • Create a scalable plan to create an organizing ministry in your community.