Webinar: Introducing "We Are Witnesses", an important video series about the U.S. Criminal Justice System

Talking about the human cost of mass incarceration can be difficult. Our criminal justice system in the United States is broken and sorely in need of repair. In this webinar, we invite people to use The Marshall Project’s “We are Witnesses,” a poignant video series that is accessible at no cost online, to initiate these conversations. Gloria Soja, Sergio Centeno Rodriguez, and John Harrison, three people of faith from different parts of the country, share how they hope to engage their respective communities of faith in a serious conversation about our criminal justice system using this powerful video series.

More information on the Webinar Panelists:

Gloria Soja – Pretrial Services Program Assistant at Lewis and Clark County Criminal Justice Services, East Helena, MT

Sergio Centeno Rodriguez – Youth Care Worker at Heartland Alliance Human Care, Chicago, IL

John Harrison – Chaplain at Concordance Academy of Leadership, St. Louis, MO