Seniors Sipping Tea

Rev. Sharyn Cosby   |   May 28, 2019
Alice Rippe, AARP Spirit Seniors Coordinator for OFECAlice Rippe, AARP Spirit Seniors Coordinator for OFEC

Oklahoma Family Empowerment Center (OFEC) Spirit Seniors enjoy an afternoon of sipping tea.

Oklahoma Family Empowerment Center’s Spirit Seniors group is active and enjoying life.  One of their most recent gathering was for a time of sipping tea.  Some of the women came dressed for the occasion wearing hats and gloves.  Perfect attire for sipping tea.   However, even without hats or gloves everyone in attendance enjoyed the event. Each person experienced the delectable aroma and sips of various teas, tea cakes, finger sandwiches, desserts and most of all the great fellowship.

This activity and others are coordinated by Alice Rippe, a retired school Psychologist who came to OFEC through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) program. She plans their special events, field trips, art and craft activities, and arranges for speakers on subjects of interest. Most importantly, she guides the group in life-giving fun and play. While the idea of fun and play can prolong life in everybody, it is particularly true for seniors. After all, in later years, many of us become more prone to issues that can affect our health and happiness. This is one of the many reasons why this group looks forward to their gathering each week.

OFEC seeks to provide resources and assistance to individuals and their families that will empower them to live a successful and purposeful life.

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