NBA Social Entrepreneurship Program Adds New Incubate Partner, Whosoever Will Community Assistance Program

WWCAP volunteers at a regularly scheduled weekend food distribution for the Beltsville, MD community.

The National Benevolent Association welcomes Whosoever Will Community Assistance Program (WWCAP) as a new Incubate partner. Based in Beltsville, Maryland, the assistance program is an extension of the work Whosoever Will Christian Church has been doing since 2020.

With community at the center of everything they do, the WWCAP is a visible expression of an all-inclusive and compassionate ministry in the community led by Rev. Dr. Edwin Lloyd. Their mission is to reduce food insecurity, increase nutritional value in their community, enhance self-sufficiency, provide health and wellness information, and impart hope. Fueled with a commitment to community service, volunteers come together to empower and encourage others and to share the gifts that already exist within the community. The program hopes to set the example for how their food justice work can be duplicated on a larger scale across the country.

“I am inspired by the work of WWCAP as it displays the work of God calling local congregations to respond to the needs of God’s people,” says Director of Social Entrepreneurship Rev. Darnell Fennell.

Like all NBA Incubate Partners, WWCAP is a Disciples-related health and social service organization that has entered into a partnership with NBA through a Memorandum of Understanding. Aligned with the mission of NBA, this organization equips its community with the knowledge and resources necessary to provide healthy food environments.

During the pandemic, members of Whosoever Will realized just how much food insecurity was plaguing the Beltsville community and they wanted to do something about it. The organization wants to create multiple avenues in which the quality, safety, and efficacy of food distribution are ensured. They have a deep understanding of what their community needs in order to access fresh, healthy food and therefore they are working to fill the gaps. Already this year, Whosoever Will has held several food drives where they’ve been able to donate food to the community. Their partnership with NBA will allow them to continue this important faith work and expand it as well.

“The Whosoever Will Community Assistance Program exists to answer the call of God to be a visible expression of the compassionate Gospel of Jesus Christ in the community. In the process of answering God’s call, it is important that we join a community of Disciples who have heeded this call so that together, we can utilize our gifts and resources to enhance the wellbeing of all humanity,” says Lead Pastor and Executive Director of WWCAP Rev. Dr. Edwin Lloyd. “This is why it was important for Whosoever Will to enter into this partnership with NBA. We gaze towards the future with hope and certainty that we will remain an empowered beacon of compassion and agape love. We extend our gratitude to NBA for partnering with us.”

To learn more about Whosoever Will Community Assistance program, visit their Facebook page. To read more about NBA’s Social Entrepreneurship program, visit