Jasmine Sanchez Joins National Benevolent Association

The National Benevolent Association is pleased to announce that Jasmine Sanchez joined as an Administrative Associate – Project Support in February. She has served in regional and general church ministries of the Disciples of Christ for 20 years.

Sanchez fills a multi-faceted role for the NBA in operations. One of her main areas of responsibility is to support the NBA’s all-volunteer Board of Trustees. The NBA Board of Trustees guides the mission, ministries, and along with the President and CEO, establishes the strategic direction, fiscal oversight, and operational management of the NBA. Members are selected in accordance and in covenant with the by-laws and policies of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), of which the NBA is a general ministry. In her role, Sanches will help create processes for transparent and timely communication to help facilitate the board’s efforts as they guide the organization into the future.

“I am particularly excited that Jasmine’s work moves forward our strategic goals of coordinating Board of Trustee processes, relationships, and technology,” shares Rebecca Hale, Executive Vice President of NBA. “She is already helping to design and implement these strategies, bringing a creative spirit and an infectious enthusiasm. Her models of leadership include hospitality, service, and transparent communication. Having worked with Jasmine in a regional church context, I know that she is persistent in getting a job done, is flexible in getting to a good outcome, and brings the depth of her church-wide experience to the table.”

In addition to working with the Board of Trustees, Sanchez also works with the NBA Operations Team and manages several financial processes.