Peer Learning & Wellness Groups Create a Place to Connect, Be Seen and Heard

In January 2021, when the NBA Community Engagement program was established, it was done to intentionally create spaces for justice and healing, particularly for communities of color. Our continued commitment is to bring to light how we are complicit in maintaining unhealthy systems of discrimination and oppression. Additionally, NBA actively supports our denominational efforts to be an anti-racist and pro-reconciling church.

The NBA has been engaged in conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion for several years now. In those conversations, one of the questions we’ve sought to answer is who the organization could be serving better and how that relates to our mission, vision, and core values. 

NBA nurtures engagement strategies with Disciples health and social service ministries to transform the root causes of injustice. Since 2016, NBA has hosted a variety Peer Learning & Wellness Groups around common areas of ministry or professional roles. These groups provide an opportunity for Disciples and ecumenical partners to engage in peer support, encouragement, mutual dialogue, spiritual renewal, and peer-to-peer learning. In 2018, the Activism & Advocacy Peer Group was launched specifically to support those fighting injustices, understanding that creating space for supportive care is an act of resistance. Now, NBA is continuing the expansion of its justice work via our Peer Learning & Wellness Groups by introducing three new groups that will serve as intentional spaces for young adult leaders of color. These groups have been crafted to serve as brave spaces for like-minded individuals with similar backgrounds to come together and connect in ways they might not be afforded in their day-to-day lives. 

At NBA, we’ve seen the impact the Peer Learning & Wellness Group model has had on individuals who may feel isolated in their ministry work. These new groups offer transformative space for support, connection, accompaniment, and wellness to all prophetic Disciples leaders. Get to know more about these Peer Learning & Wellness Groups, the leaders who will guide these groups over the next two years, and hear a bit about the positive impact we hope these groups will have on participants.