Accounting Associate

Lauren Nunn

Lauren Nunn is NBA’s newest Accounting Associate. She is an alumna of Fontbonne University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in both Accounting and Finance. She has extensive experience in the accounting and finance space having worked more than 15 years for non-profit companies in the St. Louis region. Most recently, she served as a Senior Accountant for COCA – Center of Creative Arts. Outside of work, her favorite thing to do is take road trips. She loves visiting small, odd tourist attractions and says if you’re on a road trip with her and she sees a sign that says “World’s Largest Bird Cage” at the next exit, she will want to stop to see it!


Getting to Know Lauren

Why do you feel “called to care” about Disciples health and social service ministry?

I want to feel as though I have made an impact. I feel it is our responsibility to use our God-given gifts to help others achieve their full potential. Everyone has a talent or gift that they can contribute to make the world a safer and more equitable place.

Who is a hero of yours, and why?

I have several heroes. I am inspired by women who help advance others. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a hero because of her tireless work toward financial equality for women. Malala Yousafzai is also a hero because her tragic shooting brought to the forefront the importance of educating young girls. Educated girls become educated women who change the world. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we’ll be better off for it.”

If I tried to find you in a supermarket, what aisle would you be in?

You will always find me by the chips and salsa!