NBA Disciples Mission Fund Resources for Easter Offering

Learn more about supporting general ministries through Disciples Mission Fund, and find materials and resources available for your congregation’s Special Day Offerings for Easter. The National Benevolent Association and our fellow general ministries are grateful for your support!

Easter Offering for General Ministries

The Easter Offering provides support for the general ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ.) These ministries operate across the U.S. and Canada as well as around the world. Through care, service, and advocacy for others, and sharing resources, stories, and worship, general ministries partner with regions to strengthen congregations for the mission of the church. The 2024 Easter Offering will take place on Sunday, March 24 and 31, 2024.

The NBA receives more than $177,000 annually from Disciples Mission Fund allocations. This funding helps support our collaborative mission work with Disciples health and social service ministries and social entrepreneurs of faith, truly creating communities of compassion and care.

What is Disciples Mission Fund?

Disciples Mission Fund (DMF) is the common fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Disciples Mission Fund supports 70+ ministries, as close as your local congregation and reaching around the globe. This common funding system enables all congregations to channel resources through one system to be shared across the life of the church. Learn more >>

Individuals and congregations can give to Disciples Mission Fund at any time throughout the year, but many choose to contribute through Special Day Offerings. These Special Day Offerings allow Disciples to give with specific intention six times during the year. Congregations or individuals provide these over-and-above gifts in support of designated ministries. Learn more >>


NBA Disciples Mission Fund Resources

Support and share the stories of the NBA and general ministries through the Disciples Mission Fund! Provided here are a variety of resources and materials that may be helpful as your congregation prepares for Easter Offering.

Print Materials

Digital Materials


Subscribe to our YouTube channel to view workshops from our SENT Seminar, which supports the development of new and innovative faith-rooted social enterprises; our newest program, Community Engagement, which works to address the root causes of injustice; and spend time with our SoulCare meditation and breathing exercises made possible through our Mental Health & Wellness Program.

For More Information

If you have questions about the NBA or regarding these or other materials for your congregation, please contact Rev. Tamara Chestnut, NBA Associate Vice President of Development & Marketing, at or (314) 993-9000 ext. 1303.

For more information about your church’s giving history or supporting General Ministries through the Disciples Mission Fund, please contact Treasury Services, at or (317) 635-3100.