NBA Staff

The NBA staff is committed and called to create communities of compassion and care in collaborative partnerships with Disciples health and social service ministries.


Mark D. Anderson

President and CEO

With a background in social work and a passion for medical and mental health, Mark D. Anderson serves as President and CEO of the NBA.

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Dietra Wise Baker

Organizing Specialist, Ferguson Justice Initiative

In her role as Organizing Specialist, Rev. Dr. Dietra Wise Baker challenges congregations to engage in systemic-level work in racial reconciliation.

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Jordan Bles

Director of Development

As Director of Development, Jordan Bles helps realize NBA’s philanthropic goals through a comprehensive development strategy.

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Ben Bohren

Mission Specialist, NBA XPLOR

Rev. Dr. Ben Bohren serves as a Mission Specialist for NBA XPLOR, with the joy of assisting in the program's formation, launching, and growth.

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Dean Bucalos

Mission Specialist, Prison and Jail Ministries Affinity Group

Rev. Dean Bucalos is a Mission Specialist for the NBA Prison and Jail Ministries Affinity Group, as well as Senior Pastor of New Life in Christ Christian Church and Program Coordinator for Mission Behind Bars and Beyond.

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Dani Loving Cartwright

Associate Vice President for Operations

Rev. Dani Loving Cartwright serves as the Associate Vice President for Operations. An ordained minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Dani has served in regional and pastoral ministry for the past 35 years.

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Lesley Durham

Director of Operations Accounting

As the Director of Operations Accounting, Lesley Durham's responsibilities include accounting services, budget accounting, and additional administrative financial transactions.

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Rebecca Hale

Vice President of Mission and Ministry

As NBA Vice President for Mission and Ministry, Rev. Rebecca Hale supports the creation and implementation of mission programs, including the NBA XPLOR program.

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Hector J. Hernandez

Peer Group Convener, Prison and Jail Ministries

Rev. Héctor J. Hernández is the Peer Group Convener for the Prison and Jail Ministries Affinity Group, as well as interim pastor of Iglesia Presbiteriana Nueva Creación (New Creation Presbyterian Church).

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Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick

Director of Connect Ministries

Rev. Monica Wedlock Kilpatrick serves as the Director of Connect Ministries, a shared role between NBA and DHM.

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L. Christine Koetting

Associate Vice President of Accounting

As the Associate Vice President for Financial Accounting, Christie Koetting's responsibilities include financial, investment, and gift accounting.

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Virzola Law

Mission Specialist, NBA XPLOR

Rev. Virzola Law is a Mission Specialist for NBA XPLOR, in addition to serving as the newly called and elected Senior Pastor of the historic Lindenwood Christian Church.

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April Lewton

Vice President of Development and Marketing

As the Vice President of Development and Marketing, Rev. April Lewton oversees NBA's marketing, communications, and fundraising.

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Larry J. Morris III

Incubate Program Associate

Larry J. Morris III serves as Incubate Program Associate, supporting the NBA Incubate Initiative.

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Bonnie Osei-Frimpong

Director of NBA XPLOR

Rev. Bonnie Osei-Frimpong serves as the Director of NBA XPLOR for the National Benevolent Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

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Ayanna Johnson Watkins

Director of the NBA Incubate Initiative

As the Director of the NBA Incubate Initiative, Rev. Ayanna Johnson Watkins seeks out and supports new health and social service ministries and the Disciple social entrepreneurs who are starting them.

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Kara Whitehouse

Administrative Assistant

As Administrative Assistant, Kara Whitehouse joins the NBA team with a wide range of administrative and organizational skills and office management and customer service experience.

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Angela Whitenhill

Mental Health Initiative Manager

Angela Whitenhill is an innovative children and family therapist, licensed clinical social worker, licensed minister, and clergy activist with extensive experience in mental health, higher education, and community organizing.

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Kasi Zieminski

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, Kasi Zieminski manages a variety of marketing, communications, social media, and public relations efforts for the NBA.

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Gary Zimmerman

Vice President of Administration and CFO

As the Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of Administration, Gary Zimmerman oversees all financial management of the NBA and also serves as the Assistant Corporate Secretary.

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